Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NEW AMAZING MUSIC: Oxygene 8, Days Between Stations, Marvin Ayres, Todd Grubbs & GG06

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The driving force behind Oxygene 8 is Chapman Stick player/vocalist Linda Cushma. She creates a sound that's somewhat proggish and somewhat poppish. This works splendidly as it makes for and edgy sound that still sounds catchy. Cushma uses her voice effectively and she has some top talents working with her on this project. Drummer Tim Alexander worked with Primus and guitarist Claudio Cordero with Cast. I can find no information on synth player Steve Parrish, but he definitely adds an essential quality to the sound. The music is powerful, complex, involving. My only complaint is that it's an EP. I want more!
Oxygene 8


More proggish type fun with "Days Between Stations." This duo consists of guitarist Sepand Samzadeh and keyboardist Oscar Fuentes, who met in Los Angeles in 2003. They describe their music as art rock and post-prog. I'd add to that the genre of space rock. There's a lot of Pink Floyd here, and Ash Ra Tempel as well as Hawkwind or Ozric Tentacles. The songs range from the languid & eerie "Requiem for he Living" to the captivating rocker "Radio Song." The centerpiece of the album- 22 minute long "Laudanum" features sax, trumpet, trombone, bass, drums and classical guitar in addition to Samzadeh and Fuentes guitars and synthesizers. It's a great, meandering number that reminds one of some of King Crimson's early lengthy excursions. At turns spacey, jazzy, haunting- it's a marvelous composition. For fans of inventive, adventurous music this is well worth a listen.
Days Between Stations


Marvin Ayres refers to his music as "ambient orchestral minimalism." That can cover a lot of ground, and o his Eccentric Deliquescene album he does cover a lot of ground. "Forever Is Now" begins sounding like a piece for chamber orchestra and slowly morphs into an ethereal droning. "The Bark That is Bearing" is a traditional love song sung at first in a quiet a capella voice that is eventually swallowed up by its own echo. "Coiling Compotation" plays with overtones and dissonance. "Durdy" is two minutes of bansheelike feedback. Each piece goes its own direction on this release. It's inventive, experimental and varied. Exciting listening!
Marvin Ayres


Todd Grubbs' "Time, Space & The Electric is all about one thing- rock guitar. This is an album of rock instrumentals with Grubbs and his guitar front and center. Since he has the skill and talent to pull it off, this release is a winner. Grubbs has devoted his life to instrumental rock guitar. An unusual path, but listening to this CD, I'm glad he's doing it! It's not just about jamming out though- Grubbs realizes melody serves a purpose and his inventive tunes keep the listener interested.
Todd Grubbs


This is much more conventional music than the rest in this article, but it's just as interesting. You know these guys, even though you don't know you do. GG06 are Kevin Godley and Graham Gouldman who once played together in the band 10CC, which gave us such hits as "Things We Do For Love" and "I'm not In Love." Accordingly what we have here are a collection of actual songs with lyrics that verses and choruses, instrumental hooks and the like. Here's the catch- these are REALLY GOOD songs. Why I can't hear these songs on the radio is beyond me. Well, no it's not- you just won't hear music this good on the radio any more. These gentleman have the musical experience and expertise to create interesting, involving tunes that just happen to be catchy as well. They've managed to create six new songs in three years, with no indication when there might be a proper release for these songs. You CAN go to their website and watch some videos of the new band in action, and purchase the songs if you so desire. I found the website to be a bit confusing to navigate, but if you're persistent you'll eventually find everything. Check it out- it's worth it!

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