Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome to Weirdsville On the Air!

For those of you who are fans of my annual Halloween extravaganza, this news might be interesting to you:

Welcome to Weirdsville - The Silly Side of Halloween has returned to the cyber-airwaves early this year. That's right- you can tune in NOW!

Welcome to Weirdsville, part of the NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire, plays all the Halloween novelty hits and plenty of Halloween & horror related novelty music and comedy bits that you'll have a hard time finding elsewhere. Everything from Monster Mash & The Purple People Eater to hundreds of crazy horror themed songs from the big band era, the monster craze of the 50s & 60s right up to present day.

You'll hear Spike Jones, Weird Al, Dickie Goodman, Allen Sherman, Bob McFadden, Sheldon Allman, Elvira, Zacherle and hundreds more. You can tune in here:

Welcome to Weirdsville

Added to the mix recently were The Munsters at Home, The Addams Family TV Soundtrack, Astro Al's Psychedelic Drive-In Music, horror movie radio promos from the early 60s, and dozens more monster novelties and breakin records.

The other stations of The NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire will return to the airwaves on October 1st.


Well, I've been ultra-busy lately. Getting ready for the big Annual Halloween Extravaganza. Lots of surprizes coming this year- stay tuned!

Of course that doesn't mean I haven't been adding new music to the station. Of course I have! Lots!

Lord Buckley - A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocat & Jet Ride
Two albums of classic hipness from the great beatnik poet.

Les Fradkin - One Link Between Them
Very cool sounds from Les Fradkin, master of the synthesizer guitar.

Best of The Yoshida Brothers
Compilation from the masters of electric samishan.

Victor Bravo - Sky Full of Messages

Charles Magnante and His Orchestra - Carnival in Far Away Places
Awesome exotica!

Torben Thoger - Harmony

Torben Thoger - The Present

Cushma, Cides, Alexander - Not Different But Not the Same

Harry Kaapuni and His Royal Polynesians - Blue Hawaiian Waters

Roy D. Mercer vs. Yankees
More prank call whoop ass from Roy D. Mercer.

Masters of Horror
Songs used in the television horror anthology series.

Dr. James Hopkins - Golden Ratios
Healing music using an instrument made by Dr. Hopkins that is over seven feet long and the patient lays upon while it's being played!

Craig Einhorn - Choros
South American guitar.

Advent Sleep - No More You

Jetsunma - Ellinwood Ranch Blues

Neal Fox - Now It's Personal

Astro Al - Psychedelic Drive-In Music
Twisted ruminations on Spooky Subjects

Twilight Dementia
Darkly Romantic.

Parallel Worlds - Obsessive Surrealism
Wonderfully classic sounding electronics.

Tingling Mother's Circus - A Circus of the Mind
Songs from this rare obscurity were in my very first broadcast. One of my favorite rare albums from the 60s. Wonderful pop whimsy.

Stone Coyotes - VIII

Ola Gjeilo - Stone Rose

Ram Dass & Kriece - Cosmix
Ram Dass meets the 21st century as he reads his poetry accompanied by electronica beats supplied by Kriece.

Eddie Benitez - Lovers Never Say Goodbye

It's all in play here:
NeverEndingWonder Radio

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Sound, Outages & a Thank You

If you've tuned into NeverEndingWonder Radio lately you may have noticed an improvement in the audio quality. Esteemed Internet broadcaster and marvelous musician Wayne Greene (check out www.radiowayne.com for your immense listening pleasure) turned me on to Stereo Tool - an incredible software processer that has done wonders for audio level consistency on NeverEndingWonder Radio, as well as a clearer, cleaner sound. Why not check out our new sound now?

NeverEndingWonder Radio

We also had a series of outages recently. Something weird going on with the power in my apartment caused momentary power outages which knocked the station off the air momentarily. Not sure what was going on but thankfully it has stopped! If it happens again while you're listening, just hang on - if I'm around the station will resume broadcasting in just a few minutes.

And now it's time for a long overdue acknowledgement and thank you. As you know, NeverEndingWonder Radio specializes in music & comedy that's off the wall, rare, unusual, hard to find, off kilter, experimental and just plain weird. Our library is large- over 35,000 tracks right now, and thousands of albums in my collection waiting for digitization, not to mention new CDs from independent artists across the globe that are sent to me weekly.
A favorite artist of mine is Dickie Goodman, inventor of the "break-in" or "cut-in" record, where snippets of songs are cut into a running story, usually in the form of a newscast or interview, for comedic effect. His first experiment in this manner was "The Flying Saucer Part 1." It was a hit record and also caused a scream of protest from record labels who, of course, wanted a taste of the action.
Break-in records became quite popular in the 50s and 60s. Goodman himself continued releasing new Break-ins up into the 80s. A slew of lesser knowns and at times downright unknowns releases hundreds of break-in records- often in very small pressings. Record collector Bill Dann has spent years and thousands of dollars collecting break-in records, monster novelties and other obscure recordings of all types.
Bill Dann, out of the kindness of his heart and with great generosity has sent me several hundred monster novelties and obscure break-in recordings that I am very thankful for. The original 45 rpm discs were lovingly remastered and transferred to CD by engineer Mark Birdsong, who himself created several of the break-in records. These contributions by Bill Dann are greatly appreciated and are a wonderful addition to NeverEndingWonder Radio. I can't thank you enough, Bill.