Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well, I've been ultra-busy lately. Getting ready for the big Annual Halloween Extravaganza. Lots of surprizes coming this year- stay tuned!

Of course that doesn't mean I haven't been adding new music to the station. Of course I have! Lots!

Lord Buckley - A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocat & Jet Ride
Two albums of classic hipness from the great beatnik poet.

Les Fradkin - One Link Between Them
Very cool sounds from Les Fradkin, master of the synthesizer guitar.

Best of The Yoshida Brothers
Compilation from the masters of electric samishan.

Victor Bravo - Sky Full of Messages

Charles Magnante and His Orchestra - Carnival in Far Away Places
Awesome exotica!

Torben Thoger - Harmony

Torben Thoger - The Present

Cushma, Cides, Alexander - Not Different But Not the Same

Harry Kaapuni and His Royal Polynesians - Blue Hawaiian Waters

Roy D. Mercer vs. Yankees
More prank call whoop ass from Roy D. Mercer.

Masters of Horror
Songs used in the television horror anthology series.

Dr. James Hopkins - Golden Ratios
Healing music using an instrument made by Dr. Hopkins that is over seven feet long and the patient lays upon while it's being played!

Craig Einhorn - Choros
South American guitar.

Advent Sleep - No More You

Jetsunma - Ellinwood Ranch Blues

Neal Fox - Now It's Personal

Astro Al - Psychedelic Drive-In Music
Twisted ruminations on Spooky Subjects

Twilight Dementia
Darkly Romantic.

Parallel Worlds - Obsessive Surrealism
Wonderfully classic sounding electronics.

Tingling Mother's Circus - A Circus of the Mind
Songs from this rare obscurity were in my very first broadcast. One of my favorite rare albums from the 60s. Wonderful pop whimsy.

Stone Coyotes - VIII

Ola Gjeilo - Stone Rose

Ram Dass & Kriece - Cosmix
Ram Dass meets the 21st century as he reads his poetry accompanied by electronica beats supplied by Kriece.

Eddie Benitez - Lovers Never Say Goodbye

It's all in play here:
NeverEndingWonder Radio

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