Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Bizarro Zombie Anthology That Wouldn't Die!

Hey everyone- I have a new story in an anthology! My story is titled "Mr. Lloyd at the Harborside Zombie Treatment Center," and the book is titled THE BIZARRO ZOMBIE ANTHOLOGY THAT WOULDN'T DIE! Includes a bunch of the top Bizarro authors, as well as some newer faces, such as myself.

So, you're so over the whole zombie thing, you say? Well, this ain't your mama's zombie anthology! This is a collection of BIZARRO stories... so we have space zombies, mushroom zombies, ink spewing religious zombies, a couple of zombie noirs, zombies hanging out in a dumpster discussing life, drug addicted zombies, extreme zombie sexcapades... and more!

This book will take you places you never thought existed and have you slapping your head in amazement. Check it out. No e-book, you gotta read in on paper.

Check out this gorgeous cover:

Order The Bizarro Zombie Athology That Wouldn't Die! here!