Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Polka Haunt Us Joins NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio

Gothic Polka? Can it be true? It IS!

Veronique Chevalier's new release Polka Haunt Us (get it?) has joined the playlist of the NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire. Joining the ranks of alternative polka releases, such as The Polka Floyd Show earlier this year, it really seems there's a movement afoot to demonstrate that the polka is not just a quaint dance form practiced by drunken Europeans.

Musically and lyrically this album is dynamic, challenging and invigorating. By combining polka tempos with lyrics that tell spooky stories this offering is completely original and a joy to listen to. It's perfect for this time of year- or, for fans of refreshing musical treats, it's perfect for any time.

Some songs are played for laughs, such as The Beer Hall in Hell, but some- like Ghost Train, are powerful musical tales of the supernatural. Earlier this year I would have said that there was no way you could pull off a polka version of Pink Floyd. Polka Floyd proved me wrong. Now I must add to that list of improbabilities that work perfectly, the genre of Gothic Polka.

Chevalier has packed her release with top notch talent such as master yodeler Kerry Christensen, 2007 polka Grammy nominee Alex Meixner, Marion Ramsey (from the Police Academy films), and many more.

Polka- it's not just for the beer and bratwurst set any more. Artists like Weird Al, Polka Floyd and now Veronique Chevalier are showing us that polkas can not only rock, they can be valid methods of artist personal expression. It takes a lot of talent to pull something like this off, but Chevalier has it aplenty. Check it out.

You can hear Polka Haunt Us on the NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire.

NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio

Polka Haunt Us Website

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Cathy Grier said...

Hey, just stumbled on your blog, groovy. I don't know to what extent you've played my music, but thanks.