Thursday, April 30, 2009

Come fight my brute!

This post is a bit off topic.

There is a new online flash game that is taking the internet by storm. It's only a few weeks old but it's already so popular its servers have a hard time keeping up with the traffic. Some things that have helped to make it so popular:
You don't have to give out ANY information to join.
It's FREE.
It's a simple little time waster that takes no skill to play.

It's called MyBrute and the gameplay is simple. You create a little warrior or "brute" who has a set amount of fights per day. You have no control over the fights- you just watch them. Every time you intitiate a fight you get points. Get enough points and you level up. Every time you level up you either get more life points, special abilities or weapons.

Another way to get points is to have pupils who gain levels. So, I need pupils. Please join and become my pupil! Just click on this link:


Create your Brute by choosing a body type and colors, type in a name and click on VALIDATE. You will then fight my brute. I will beat you. Don't worry- that's part of your master initiating you. You will then go to your cell where you can go to the Arena and fight 6 more fights on your first day. The fights take around 30 seconds, so it's no great committment. Make sure to click on the link to add a password to your brute so that nobody else can play your turns. After the first day you get 3 fights per day. The servers are often overloaded and you will often get a screen that says "BRUTAL ERROR" - just refresh the page and you'll be fine.

Silly and pointless, but also fun & addictive. So please- go join MyBrute, be my pupil and play your turns every day! Or at least often. Enjoy!

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