Sunday, July 8, 2012

Changing Times

I guess I should make this official- the purpose of this blog has changed. My computer crashed a few months ago and I lost all my music, so I no longer run an Internet radio station. I've had a few generous offers to help me get NeverEndingWonder Radio back online, but it's a hopeless cause. My hard drive that had all the music on it died, and to recover it would cost hundreds, even over a thousands of dollars.

The computer tech I had helping me diagnose what was going on reduced my computer to a pile of parts, so I don't even have a desktop computer anymore. I'm now using a crappy laptop, which I HATE (can somebody please shoot the touchpad??).

I also lost my job earlier this year, so any kind of major expenditures like this are out of the question. I appreciate the kind words I've had from the few listeners I had. I truly created a one of a kind station that nobody even comes close to matching. I miss it myself! One revelation I've had since the station went down, is the total lack of comment from he independent artists I had the extreme pleasure of presenting over the past eleven years. A sizable percentage came to me, asking if I would play their music, and if it was something I liked, I was more than happy to. To this day, ONE... I repeat, ONE of these artists (many of whom promote their work to me on a daily basis on Facebook)... just ONE has made any kind of comment on the passing of NeverEndingWonder Radio.

So, I'm moving forward, and with me, so will this blog. I've taken up writing and drawing again, after giving up creating my own output for decades. I'm having a bit of success, and by bit, I really do mean a little bit. I'll be using this blog to track the progress of my creative endeavors. Love to have you join me.

Here's one place of interest:

Welcome To Weirdsville

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