Monday, August 6, 2012

Positive Reinforcement

Just a few days ago I had a poem rejected by a magazine. That's not an unusual occurrence- in fact I pretty much expect everything I submit to be rejected. I'm not getting down on myself- it's just the reality of the situation. However, this rejection had an interesting personal observation. This wasn't the standard "we enjoyed reading your work and hope you will consider us in the future." She actually said something about the poem itself. She called it "a ferocious pop-culture collage." I was sincerely touched. That was a very kind thing to say about my poem, and it was an accurate observation. I wrote back and asked her if I could use that description when the poem was eventually published. She gave me permission!

This simple comment, which is more than most editors will give, was enough to keep me going.  Thank you, poetry editor! I guess I'll keep on with this writing stuff.

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