Monday, June 29, 2009


On Tuesday, June 30, I will be taking the station off the air for a few hours to go get a new cable modem. Hopefully this will solve the problems I've been having with connectivity for the past several weeks.

New modem has been online for about 8 hours. Hopefully this will be the fix!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Technical problems

If you've tried tuning in late at night lately you've probably had some problems staying connected. For the past five nights in a row my internet has turned to crap for a couple hours at a time. I've tried everything and nothing seems to help. Just as in the past, there's nothing to do but hope it clears up soon.

My sincere apologies.

UPDATE: Last few days I've only had a few minor drops so maybe this problem is fixed. Everyone please come back! I miss you!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Music Mix!

That's right- NeverEndingWonder Radio is now featuring its SUMMER MUSIC MIX- the most unique assemblage of Summer related music you'll find on the Internet! We're featuring Summer hits like Summertime Blues, Summer Breeze, Summer Wind, Summer of 69, In the Good Old Summertime, Summer Rain and on and on- including over 40 versions of one of the greatest songs ever written- the Gershwin's Summertime.

But of course we don't stop there. You'll hear songs about bbqing, hot dogs, ice cream, watermelon, vacation, the ocean, islands, gardens, flowers, fishing, fish, dolphins, heat, the Sun, swimming, the circus, calliope music, marching bands, and that's just the beginning

You'll also hear steel drum bands, marimba bands, Soca music, Hawaiian music (including historic ukulele recordings, Keola Beamer and Don Ho!), the Beach Boys, surf music, Calypso music, Exotica, and mixed in with it all are vintage drive-in theatre intermission and snack bar announcements.

New to the Summer Mix this year:

Jesus Christ Surferstar.
How could we top last year's anthology of Frank Zappa songs done surf style? How about an entire two disc collection of the songs from Jesus Christ, Superstar, done surf style?

Hawaiian Mud Bombers - Mondo Primo
The Surf Zombies
Urban Surf Kings - Surf Vs. the Flying Saucers
A trio of modern surf bands showing that the surf idiom is far from dead!

Guitar Sounds of Hawaii - Moon Over Maui
I have no idea who is behind "Guitar Sounds of Hawaii" but they play some dynamite slack key guitar!

Waitiki - Charred Mammal Flesh - Exotic Music for BBQ
A kind of neo-surf/garage/exotica hybrid, Waitiki make some great music!

Rick Wakeman - Sea Airs
That's right- the progressive keyboard genius from Yes plays contemplative piano tunes based on the sea!

That's not all- I'll be adding plenty of other Summer themed music as the weeks go by. All scheduled shows are still playing, as are sets of great indies, electronic, blasts from the past, comedy music and experimental weirdness, but the Summer Mix is predominant.

Tune in, sit back and enjoy the Summer!
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