Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Presenting: The Accordion Babes Radio Hour!

March 3rd will launch a whole new era on NeverEndingWonder Radio! 7PM Pacific time on March 3rd will mark the debut of a brand new program, the likes of which the world has never seen before! I speak to you all of:


That's right- a one hour show that will play three times every week featuring the music of female accordionists! The Accordion Babes idea began in 2009 with a group of West Coast based accordion players who wanted to provide a sexy, funny, girl-powered makeover for accordions, featuring pro musicians who would tour nationally and around the globe. They also created the most unique calendar ever, in fact, the only calendar to present images of women and their accordions. Here is the cover of the 2010 edition:

You can find more info on the Accordion Babes calendar here:

Accordion Babes 2010 Calendar

The Accordion Babes Radio Hour will feature accordion music from traditional folk melodies to contemporary experimental numbers, and everything in between! Forget everything you thought about what accordion music is- or rather, remember that, but be prepared to have your ideas turned inside out. Sure, you'll hear polkas here, but they're not the polkas you'd hear at the beergarden.

As I've written before, the accordion seems to be experiencing a renaissance these days, as evidenced by projects like The Polka Floyd Show and Veronique Chevalier's Polka Haunt Us. Says Mags Martin, of The Mad Maggies:

"The new Accordion Babes Radio Hour is very exciting because it showcases women, accordions and their music. This show is a first and will do much to dispel the stereotypes about both accordions and the musicians who play them. The diversity of styles alone is worth a listen. Yes, accordions are sexy!"

I am proud to say The Accordion Babes Radio Houris the only radio show anywhere to feature the music of female accordion players. These thoughts are echoed by Salane Schultz, of Salane & Friends:

"I am excited to be a part of an all women's accordion radio show because its a great new idea. I love to do things that have never been done before, and this is right up my alley."

To find more information on all the Accordion Babes who will be featured on the show, you can visit this page on

Accordion Babes Radio Hour

The Accordion Babes Radio Hour will play three times weekly on NeverEndingWonder Radio- Wednesdays 7PM, Fridays 4AM & Sundays at 12 NOON. All times are Pacific Time. You can tune into NeverEndingWonder Radio by going here and clicking on the listen link:

Or with iTunes, go to the radio section and find NeverEndingWonder Radio in the Eclectic category.