Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire Online for 2009

The NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire has hit the cyber-airwaves for the 2009 Halloween season.

Every year for the past nine years I have broadcast three stations of Halloween themed music for fans of Halloween the world over. They're all back this year for another five weeks of shivers, shenanigans, silliness and sinister, shadowy delights.

NeverEndingWonder Radio broadcasts a freeform mix of music ranging from some of the earliest music ever recorded, to brand new releases, including big band, blues, jazz, popular, classical, folk, rock, punk, Goth, electronic, psychobilly, punkabilly, gothabilly, horrorpop, metal, avante-gard, experimental and other styles, as well as horror and sci-fi soundtracks classic and contemporary. Also, twice a day (starting October 1st) we'll be presenting an hour of spooky and scary old time radio shows.

New this year, we've added a plague of Zombie music, including more Zombina & The Skeletones, Zombie Girl, Zombie Ghost Train, Zombie Night in Canada, The Great Erotic Zombie Shakedown and more! Halloween garage classics, some devilish Halloween music from the 20s & 30s, Rocky Horror Norwegian cast, spooky Halloween soundscapes from In a World, the brand new release from horror rock band The Horrorgans and more!

New soundtracks this year include House of 1000 Corpses, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Crow Soundtrack & Unreleased Score & many more!

The Voices of Halloween series is back this year, expanded to include the voices of Halloween fans from around the world- NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio is ONLINE NOW!

Welcome to Weirdsville presents our unique mix of Halloween themed novelty hits and comedy, everything from the familiar Monster Mash & Purple People Eater, to a plethora of obscure music you'll have a hard time finding anywhere else! Dickie Goodman, Spike Jones, Weird Al, Allan Sherman, Killer Tomatoes- it's all here! Welcome to Weirdsville is ONLINE NOW!

Halloween on Broadway will be back with strange & unusual musical theatre- Rocky Horror, Phantom of the Opera, Little Shop of Horrors, Sweeney Todd- those are only the beginning! Dance of the Vampires, Silence of the Lambs The Musical, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Jane Eyre and much more! New this year: Norwegian version of Rocky Horror and a new version of Hunchback of Notre Dame by former Styx keyboardist Denis DeYoung. Halloween on Broadway will return October 1st!

Come join the fun with the most unique, most interesting Halloween radio station on the Internet!

The Insane Uncle Ozma will be back for his popular live broadcast marathon October 30 & 31! We'll be giving away personally autographed photographs of Vampire hottie Brooke Lewis! See for details.

Monday, September 7, 2009

I Want YOU To Be On Halloween Radio!

Every year for the last nine years I have, during the month of October, broadcast three Halloween Radio Stations on the Internet.

Last year I added a new feature titled "Voices of Halloween," which featured specially recorded Halloween greetings and memories by some horror industry greats (the legendary Forrest Ackerman in what was one of his last communications with fans, RIP dear Forry- and the great David Hedison from the original The Fly and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea), some up and coming industry pros as well as musicians, composers, directors, actors, horror hosts, effects and makeup artists, and more.

This year I would like to open up the Voices of Halloween series for all fans of Halloween and Horror. If you would like to record a Halloween greeting or memory for broadcast, I'll include it on the station this year! There are two ways to submit pieces-

1) I have a toll-free number you can call in and record your messages on. This option is limited to people in the USA and Canada. (Sorry folks- I can't afford international rates!)

2) If you know how to make mp3s, record your message on your computer and email it to me! This option is open to everybody everywhere!

If you're interested, send me a leave a comment here and I'll give you complete instructions. I'm getting a late start this year, so don't procrastinate! Do it now!

Looking forward to HEARING from you all.

Voices of Halloween 2008 participants:

Voices of Halloween 2008

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Indie Music Explosion!

The Summer Music Mix is over!

Long live the Indie Music Explosion! Well- until October 1 anyway.

Today over 20 new Independent artists went into rotation on NeverEndingWonder Radio! I'll update this post with more details as soon as I get the time.

Here are some of the new artists/releases you can hear on NeverEndingWonder Radio this month. I'll add pictures, descriptions & links when I can!

Adam Rafferty - Chameleon

F & M - Every Light Must Fade

Michael Samson - A Still Motion

The Guy - Only Human

The Radiant - The Radiant I & The Radiant II

Pars Keeling - End of Ride Revisited

Vanja James Music

Paul Avgerinos - Love

Atwater, Donnelly - The Weaver's Bonny

Random Touch - A Way From the Heard

The John Moran Corperation - Train Ride

Gail Rodgers - Winterhymn

Eric Roberts - In a Silent Place

Richard Bliwas - Yarrow Stalk Bridge

Strangefire - Shazbot Munkie

Cory Mervin Coons

Jessie Murphy In the Woods - Eight Belles

Polka Floyd Show - Live at the Ohio Theatre

Richard Bliwas - Walk the Bike

James Nihan - Rays of Light

Dominic - The Eye of God

Tret Fure - My Shoes

Acoustic Ocean - Light Returning

Mammut - Karkari

Sky - The Twins: Mesa Times & Silent Ears

Sky - Love in Grace

Monika Jalili - Elan

Zydecosis - Zydeco All Night

Alejadra O'Leary - Nothing Out Loud

John MacLean - Letters Home

Gregg Rollie Band - Rain Dance Live

Irene and Her Latin Jazz Band - A Song of You

Paul Lawler & Paul Speer - Wonders

Astro Al - Naughty Kitty

Music From the Film - World War Tree

Ed Palermo Big Band - Eddy Loves Frank