Friday, October 1, 2010

NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire Online for 2010

The NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire is now on the air for the 2010 Halloween Season!

For those of you who have never heard of us, The NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire is a network of three Halloween themed Internet radio stations that broadcasts every year for the month of October. The three stations are:

This station plays a freeform mix of Halloween & horror related music ranging from creepy classical numbers like Funeral March of the Marionettes and Night on Bald Mountain, to spooky big band tunes like The Headless Horseman and the Ghost of Smokey Joe, to the monster and sci fi craze of the 50s and 60s, to bands that explored the dark side like Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper, up to Goth music, gothabilly, punkabilly, psychobilly, with plenty of territory in between. It also plays selections from horror and sci-fi movie soundtracks vintage to contemporary, and twice a day we even play an hour of old time spooky radio dramas.

This station plays more Halloween comedy and novelty numbers than you ever knew existed.

This station plays strange, spooky & odd musical theatre tunes. Everything from Sweeney Todd, Phantom of the Opera and Rocky Horror Show to Little Shop of Horrors, The Buffy musical episode and The Toxic Avenger Musical.

You can tune in to all of these stations right here:

NeverEndingWonder Radio

There's no logins, nothing to sign up for, no downloads, just drop by and tune in!

This is The NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire's TENTH YEAR on the air and we're going a little crazy. To show you how much we appreciate the support from our wonderful listeners over the years, we're giving away PRIZES on the air EVERY DAY in October! Each day our host, the Insane Uncle Ozma will make a live appearance and give away a prize to a lucky listener. Check out the list of amazing prizes we have lined up right here:

Halloween Prize List

Uncle Ozma will be back for his live broadcast marathon October 30 & 31 again this year, and he will award SEVERAL PRIZES EACH DAY to some lucky listeners!

What else is new this year? There's a new Lucid Dementia album! Galactic madness from prog rocker Erik Norlander! Down home swamp rock with Swamp Voodoo. The House of Dr. Faustus from Ergo Phizmiz. The Slow Poisoner makes his debut on The Empire. Soundtracks making their first appearance this year are Danny Elfman's Sleepy Hollow, the library music selections used in the original Night of the Living Dead, Altered States, Anthrpophagus, 70s slashers Terror and Prey, and much more! No other Halloween station on the Internet boasts the variety we so painstakingly create for our listeners.

We welcome back our hundreds of loyal listeners and we welcome all new friends as well. Come check us out, and win some really evil prizes!

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Bloody Buddy said...

Happy Halloween and Happy Anniversary, Uncle Ozma! Looking forward to hearing all the spooky goodness you've conjured up for this year's Zone!