Thursday, October 28, 2010

The NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Extravaganza will once again be hosting a two day live broadcast marathon on October 30 & 31! The insane Uncle Ozma will begin broadcasting live on NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio as soon as he becomes conscious on Saturday, October 30, taking listener's requests and DEADications, until he passes out. He'll do it all again Sunday, October 31. On top of that, he'll be giving away prizes galore, to lucky listeners, in celebration of out tenth year on the air! Check out the full list of spooky Halloween prizes here:

Halloween Prizes

The creepy Halloween chat room will be open, so all you crazy Halloween fanatics can chat with each other and the insane Uncle Ozma!

NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio may not be the biggest Halloween station on the internet, but we were one of the first, and we're certainly the most creative. Nobody can match the variety of our library, which ranges from creepy classical pieces, tin pan alley and big band novelty numbers from the 30s & 40s, early spooky blues songs, the monster explosion of the 50s & 60s, classic rock & pop monster hits, as well as weird electronic music, Goth, metal, psychobilly, punkabilly and selections from horror and sci-fi films contemporary and classic, as well as brand new unreleased Halloween songs sent to us by the artists themselves! It's all mixed together in a unique listening experience with horror film sound bites, old horror film radio ads, UFO abductee witnesses and content from horror fiction and movie writers, actors, directors, special effect and makeup technicians, all recorded specially for NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio.

Don't miss the big live broadcast marathon and chat! It's all at:

NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio

Get there early- we expect to get full!

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