Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I am Interviewed About My Weird Art, and Two New Books Worth Checking Out!

Lots of news to pass along today. First, a crafting blog interviews me about my weird art! Yay! The blogger, Geri, is a really nice person, and I'm so thankful to her very the chance to talk about my art. She did a great job on the interview. Check it out!

Dream Weaving Interview Series

In other news, two books worth checking out became available for kindle. Now, before you start whining about not having a kindle, let me tell you that you don't need a kindle to read kindle books. There's a great free app available, so you can read kindle books on your computer! Here's the link for the free app:

Kindle for PC

Now for the books. The first is a new book by author Jimmy Pudge. I'm a big fan of this guy. He's really out there. His writing has a unique style you won't find anywhere else, and he's always entertaining. This new book is no exception. It's called "The Dick" and it's about an ex-porn star who becomes a private detective. This being a Jimmy Pudge book, that's only the beginning. Where it goes, you'd never guess. It's violent, it's silly, it's heartbreaking, and it's filthy. I mean that. Adult content warning! If you're easily offended, don't bother, but if you like a good adventure that's unlike anything you've ever read, then this is for you. I'll do a full review soon. Check it out here:

The Dick, on Amazon

The other book worth checking out is a new anthology from daring publisher Omnium Gatherum Media. It's called "Fortune Lost and Found" and deals with "money and wealth and the potentially horrifying consequences of gaining or losing it." Edited by L.S. Murphy and Kate Jonez, it features some of my favorite authors: Brent Michael Kelley, Phil Hickes and Garrett Cook. This is certain to be a worthwhile read. Available for kindle now, and paperback soon. Check it out here:

Fortune Lost and Found, More Information

Buy Fortune Lost and Found on Amazon 

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