Thursday, April 17, 2008

CD REVIEW: Jerry LaRocca - Years of Longing

Jerry LaRocca's 2006 release "Years of Longing" is 14 languid melodies featuring (mostly) piano and synthesizer. If you like pastoral music you likely will appreciate this CD. The melodies unfold at a leisurely pace, as if to accompany you on a contemplative walk through the woods or sitting atop a mountain partaking in the beauty of nature around you. With titles like "Walking to the Sun" and "Dawn on the Mountain," clearly the link with nature is intentional.

There's also a theme of remembering days past, with such titles as "Remembering You," "Years of Longing" and "Dreams of Long Ago." Not all the songs are rooted in the past, however, as the title "Sorrow in Iraq" reveals.

All these elements together reveal an artist very much in touch with his inner landscape and at the same time connected to the outer landscape as well. In the CD liner LaRocca lists his influences as film composer Miklos Rozsa, Ravel, Debussy & Rachmaninoff. The mentions of Debussy & Rachmaninoff are particularly apt- the music evokes their more serene compositions. As tangible evidence of the connection LaRocca includes a photo of himself at Rachmaninoff's gravesite.

Fans of piano music, new age music fans and any that appreciate beautiful intrumental music should all have their days brightened by this music. You can hear samples of the CD at CDBaby:

Jerry LaRocca on CDBaby

You can also hear "Years of Longing" on NeverEndingWonder Radio


JeffW77 said...

Is this the Jerry LaRocca who is an amazing photographer? Famous for a photo for a Lipman-Wolfe ad in the late '70s? He took a photo for me at Freightliner in 1982 or so for a financial services ad. Jeff Wilson, Portland, Oregon USA

NeverEndingWonder said...

It's possible- he's from Oregon!