Thursday, April 17, 2008

Most Recent Additions to NeverEndingWonder Radio- Grasshoppers, Rare Comedy and $64,000 Jazz

These are the most recent additions to NeverEndingWonder Radio. Three classic rare albums recorded on my brand new Crosley usb turntable (my old school turntable gave out and this usb device works GREAT!).

The Grasshoppers Sing the Beatles Hits

I don't have a proper image of the cover, so this will have to do. I haven't had a scanner in years.

The Grasshoppers were a Chipmunks ripoff- only hipper. They have their own Dave, only he's named Jerry. They sing Beatles songs! It's a truly demented record.

How to be Terribly, Terribly Funny
No cover for this, sorry. A great lost comedy anthology released in the Fifties. Features a wonderful example of pre-hippie dope humor by Ronnie Graham. Lots of inside jokes for the beatnik era- this even predates the classic "How to Speak Hip." Another lost great routine by "George Crater." Crater was actually Downbeat columnist Ed Sherman. Here he explains his plans for a new series of wind-up dolls based on Jazz musicians. Also classic routines by Louis Nye, Peter Ustinov, Henry Morgan & Stanley Holloway.

$64,000 Jazz

Anthology Jazz album released in the mid-50s containing tracks from Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, Eddie Condon, Harry James, Duke Ellington, Woody Herman, Sarah Vaughan, Dave Brubek and others.

These were all recorded from vinyl albums over 40 years old and as such contain some noise. I cleaned them up a bit but you still hear some. Well, it adds to the charm, right?

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