Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yes, I'm finally starting a blog. Way behind the curve there. To all my old friends- welcome. To all my new friends, welcome.

A bit of introduction:

For over four decades I've been a fan of and collector of strange, unusual, rare, off the wall & forgotten music, comedy & spoken word weirdness. When my friends and I went to the record shop back in the sixties they'd head for the latest Zeppelin, Beatles or Stones releases. I'd head for the bins of cutout discs and search for gems like The Naked Carmen, Ark 2 by Flaming Youth, Beaver & Krause, Dracula's Greatest Hits or something equally bizarre.

For many years I hoped for a way to share my passion for off-kilter audio. Seven years ago I found the answer- Internet radio. Dr. Demento had been a long time inspiration for me and I wanted to create something like his show, only expanded. The result was NeverEndingWonder Radio- a freeform Internet radio station that focuses on rare, forgotten, off the wall & off beat music from the beginning of recording history to brand new releases.

It's been a constant joy running the station, aided by my able assistant Ozma the Elf. I've won awards, been featured in stories online & in print, been contacted by some of the musicians I've been a fan of over the years, and met a lot of people who share my taste for music that doesn't quite fit into the mainstream. NeverEndingWonder Radio is a constant work in progress. I add new music to the library almost daily. I have some specialty shows and I have plans for adding more in the future.

One of the greatest joys of running the station has been getting to know hundreds of independent artists and airing their music. Traditional radio is so locked into the parasitic relationship they have with the major labels that artists who don't fit the mainstream have no chance of getting airplay. There are creative, talented artists across the world hungry to get their music HEARD. Internet radio is a godsend to them. I am constantly amazed at the depth of talent the artists who send me music have. It's an honor to provide them with a venue.

I am always behind on keeping up with my work on the station. I have enough music in my collection to keep me busy for YEARS, as well as keeping the website updated. I've been working on a new format for links to the independent artists I play for a year now. My apologies artists! It will be ready soon, I promise!

It's my goal to keep this site fresh with notes on new music added to the station, reviews of new CDs, news items and such. And no- I won't provide mp3 downloads of music you hear on NeverEndingWonder Radio. If you enjoy the music, support the artists and buy their music. Please feel free to leave comments in the comments section. If you don't have a blogger account and leave an "anonymous" comment please put a name in the comment so I know who you are! Looking forward to hearing from you.


LG73 said...

NeverEndingWonder Radio is a great station! If a cat named Icarus can have a blog, why not you!

Wayne said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Uncle Ozma! NEW is the best!

NeverEndingWonder said...

Thanks Wayne & LG! This should be fun!

Anonymous said...

Well Done Lee Fan-tab-uloassss
Nice Albums. Ahoy Lots Of Fun Ahead from laws

Jim Bohannon (aka Maché Artist) said...

Lee! I am so glad that you've started a blog! It looks fantastic, man. Maybe now we can keep in touch better. Thanks for the hard work you do. ~ Jim

NeverEndingWonder said...

Thanks Jim! I was hoping you'd stop by!

Reaper said...

Nice job on the blog Uncle Oz. Have fun with it!!!